[From a support worker] Thank you for your help regarding Miss X and her many challenging issues. When I met Miss X she was very emotional and described herself as drowning in debt with no way out, she admitted that she had her head in the sand. When I met Miss X last week, what a difference, she is opening mail, she tells me that she is sleeping better, she has moved out of the studio and is relieved, not anxious about letting it go. Miss X is going to the GP for sicknotes and is attending other appointments. Miss X now has an income and assures me that she is more confident about her finances and checks her balance weekly. Please understand the important role that you and TwoPennies played in this transition, Miss X would not have worked with someone that rushed her into decisions, your patience and holistic methods were crucial in gaining her trust. Miss X has the DRO and has set up direct debits to pay her on-going utility usage and bills

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