Two Pennies Money Advice is an independent local money advice agency working in the county of Worcestershire from premises in Worcester.

We help people who are having problems with money and debt.

Finances Not Stacking Up

Our core service is:

  • Free – You won’t get another bill by coming to see us
  • Independent – No one pulls our strings. We give advice and support that we believe is in our clients’ best interests
  • Confidential – We will not share information about our clients without their agreement
  • Professional – Our advisers are trained, qualified and experienced. They are all members of The Institute of Money Advisers/
  • Personal – Our service is face-to-face. We sit down and listen to people across a table
  • Supportive – We support people until the problem is solved or they are able to take it forward themselves
  • Empowering – We want people to learn, so that they don’t get into difficulties again, which is why we also run money management courses
  • Christian – Our core-funding comes from local churches. We are motivated by the Christian values of love, mercy and justice for all people, of any faith or none
  • Open to all – regardless of religion or philosophy, age, appearance, race, nationality, sexual orientation, status or disability. That means everyone


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